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Web Design

A website must function as well as it looks. And vise versa. No one wants to be on an ugly website unless it serves all of their needs, nor does anyone want to look at a pretty website if it has no purpose.

At Black Cat we are experienced in creating websites that meet both the wants and needs of a potential customer.

We mainly build custom websites from scratch using WordPress or Webflow, however we are able to improve and fix websites in any of the popular website builders.

Here’s what we offer:


  • Mapping out the best look for your site
  • Planning page structure, menus, link structure
  • Preparing content for implementation and conversion


  • Build out the backend functionality
  • Build out the front end structure and layout
  • Ensure site works as planned with necessary demands


  • Develop branding material and logos
  • Determine site color scheme and fonts
  • Map out overall design with visuals