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Lead Generation

Leads are the fuel to nearly every business. Unless you’re a bodega on a busy NYC street, you need to make an effort to attract customers.

Instead of paying for clicks, commercials, or leads, you can develop your own internal lead generation with Black Cat Media. We have experience generating leads in some of the most competitive industries and can help you generate leads at a fraction of the cost of conventional advertising.

Plus, you’ll have the opportunity to create recurring revenue and a valuable digital asset at the same time. Why? Because lead generation properties are some of the most valuable assets online today.

Here’s what we offer:

Landing Pages

  • Build web pages designed for purchase intent
  • Optimize current pages to drive conversions
  • Develop successful call-to-action copy and buttons

Optimize Clicks

  • Drive traffic to the most valuable pages on your website
  • Turn standard traffic into sales
  • Optimize the sales process by reducing actions to buy

Optimize Calls

  • Acquire a phone number that’s brandable and easy to remember
  • Drive traffic on website to call your business